What we are experiencing with the Covid19/Coronavirus is unprecedented. 

We are facing an uncertain future right now and it is more important than ever that we remain calm and kind.

If you are feeling isolated or afraid, or in need of something positive to do, the offerings in the Virtual Care Basket might help you.

These offerings have been kindly donated by various contributors free of charge. This is not a list building exercise. It is all about giving support to those around the world.

We want to demonstrate that Kindness and Generosity still exist despite the conditions we are facing.

You can pick and choose the offerings that resonate with them. 

And if you have something to offer, you are most welcome to add to the Basket!

Much love

Ayesha Hilton

Stay Up to Date

New Offerings are being added daily!

So feel free to check back regularly.

Alternatively, you may like to stay up to date via email. Your email address will only be used to update you on the Virtual Care Basket offerings.

Offerings in the Virtual Care Basket

There are lots of different offerings we have sourced for you. All of these are for free. Some require your email as they are on a learning platform, but most are available for direct download. 

Here are the areas we are covering in the Virtual Care Basket include:

  • Journaling
  • Mediation
  • Health, Wellbeing & Food
  • Business
  • Entertainment
  • Inspiring Videos, Music and Podcasts

Live Virtual Event Offerings

Our goal is to have regular virtual events that you can attend live on various topics, including virtual coffee catch ups, journaling, meditation, business and even musical performances. In challenging times like we are currently experiencing, it can be great for our wellbeing to feel connected to others.

Facebook Community

You are invited to join the Facebook group - Practical Wisdom - for a safe and loving online community. The group is hosted by Ayesha Hilton.